For Sale - Apollo professional HVLP spray kit

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Steve Maskery

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26 Apr 2004
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Well I've finally decided that spraying is not for me. Not becasue of the finish, but because I have to do it outside and I'm fed up with relying on the weather. I'm also trying to free up some space. It's not easy.

So I have an Apollo 700 (or it may be 800, I can't remember, I'll have to get it out) HVLP system. It's powerful enough to run two guns simultaneously (if you are dextrous enough) and has the Teflon-coated, professional Proline gun with independent air and fluid controls.

It has two new needle sets and a new filter, although the one that's in it is clean. I have a Ford cup you can have too. I may even have some cellulose lacquer, although I don't know what condition it is in.

The Turbine unit looks a little scruffy, as someone has been spraying paint with it, but mechanically it is perfect. It's a professional piece of kit.

First £150 secures which is just under half the price of the equivalent current model. If I get chance tomorrow I'll get it all out and take a pic.

I'd much prefer it if the buyer collected or arranged for pickup, as it's not in a box and will be a bit of a pain to pack up. Nottingham. M1 J25, 5 minutes.

I'm very interested but too busy in the near future to collect. If no-one else wants it in a reasonable timescale then let me know. I may be able to collect in a month or so....
Hi Graham
OK, it's yours if you want it. I'll get it out (it's in the shed at the mo) and check it over. Then we can work out how we get it from me to you.

I would potentially be interested if Graham turns out not to be, I would collect as I am only over the border in Derbyshire...

I have been looking at new Apollo units recently, but would consider second hand if in good nick.

Cheers, Ed