Food safe woods around the world

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18 Sep 2008
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Canterbury United Kingdom
I know that people have asked for advice on woods for food and it may have been done to death but this is a small piece of research. There are going to be some that will say this is what I use but I am sure there are so many other woods other than those we deem as homegrown

What woods from around the world are deemed as safe to use with food I am talking of those that have research that has been done on them or are proven to be safe.

As far as I am aware there are lists for toxicity which usually covers things like working with the woods for example dust and it's reaction to contact with skin and also being inhaled, but not one that covers wood that comes into contact with food whether it is sealed or not.

I know of the usual suspects here in the UK but thought it would be nice to see what other woods can be used, and I am sure others may find it interesting as well