Flush hinges and mdf doors


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27 Mar 2022
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I am diying my own built in wardrobes.

dimensions are:
3400 W
2400 H
750 D

i am splitting the MDF carcasses into 3 rows and having top boxes on top of the carcasses. I have attached some WIP pictures.

the question I have is around door hinges

I am going to have rails and stiles (either 22 or 18mm) with grooved panels (9mm mdf).

the largest door size will be 1900x600. In an attempt to save money I am considering inset flush hinges compared to Concealed (I think i will need 36 for all 12 doors) as the doors will be mdf I am concerned about the strength of the flush hinges into the mdf.
  1. What weight could flush hinges hold say 4 in each of the above doors?
  2. Could I get away with 18mm mdf in that door size?

    many thanks


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Looks like you are making a nice job of those.

I would go for some nice soft close blum concealed hinges and 22mm MDF.

No point spoiling the job to save a few quid, you would only regret it later on.
Flush hinges are OK and would likely hold the weight well enough.
However, you don`t get any control of the closing or adjustment of the door once installed. I wouldn`t do it.
I am with Doug71 on the recomendation of blum with integrated softclose, prices should come down if you buy more ( I find trade-hinges pretty good ).
You might be able to get the old style ones with clip on dampers even cheaper.

18mm might be fine, make sure you paint both sides evenly and keep them flat at all times.

Thanks all,

It’s my first project for in the house and also with a track saw, so definitely a learning curve

Appreciate the help and your answers confirm what I was expecting, if not hoping!

I have used trade-hinges before for concealed hinges. I hadn’t budgeted for £200 for door hinges though, but as mentioned best to do it once, properly!
I would put 4-5 hinges per door , check what Blum suggest due to height and weight of each door

also check the hinge suits the thickness you are using 18 ,22,25mm etc

and if a straight ,semi cranked or fully cranked hinge is reqd for your application say on a 3 door unit the central door when opening could foul the door next to it


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