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10 Apr 2009
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North Wales
Hi all,

We've just moved into a new house and job no 1 is to build a wardrobe in to a rather awkwardly-shaped bedroom (ours.. :roll:). SWMBO has been looking around and decided she wants (2 of) these doors:


Sorry for the giant link - I can't remember how to replace it with user defined text (can someone remind me please?? :? )
There you go link fixed, use the edit button to see what I did to you post. DaveL

Now, although B&Q can be a bit expensive I was willing to go with it to just get the job done without wasting time shopping around. Problem is, one side of the wardrobe is going to be partially formed by the chimney (it sticks out 1'-ish) and partially by an MDF board that needs to match the (fake) walnut edging on the doors. Which B&Q say they don't do (or at least not in the height I need). :(

So, since life is being made more difficult, I may as well shop around. Which leads to the question.. :wink: Does anyone know where I can get similar doors, and a more flexible range of "other bits" to match, for the plinths and the side piece? It'd need to be reasonably local, or have some delivery option, but I'm not really sure where to start with suppliers etc.

Any help gratefully received!!

I believe those doors are manufactured by Stanley, I think they sell them in Wickes too. Stanley do not sell to the public.
There are loads of firms that do mirrored sliding wardrobes, if you ring round them you should be able to get the doors made to be the correct height and width. Try calling Door Systems Hardware to see if they supply to someone in your area.
BradNaylor":27ogelcw said:
This guy's in Cheshire - not too far away.

He should be able to help you out - but I happen to know he's pretty busy at the moment.



He's not bad but the fella who shares is shop is much better..try him instead :p :lol:
Thanks for the link fix, DaveL.

Thanks, everyone else, for the info - I'll be exploring all of those suggestions!

I'm sure I've have seen work by that guy in Cheshire before.... Always claims to be busy, but still finds time to post at 2:45pm on a work day... I bet he can squeeze in a quick bit of advice... :wink: :lol: Will PM to see what you have in mind..

Cheers guys, all info gratefully received. I've got loads of options now! Just need to find time to get to the phone.... :wink: