Festool TS55 “F” Tracksaw.


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phil p

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29 Feb 2008
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I wonder if anyone could advise on this please.

I purchased this model second hand a few days ago but just had a look at it today and it seems to be running off slightly.

First thing I found is that the incorrect blade is fitted as with this newer F series the kerf should be the same thickness as the blade, which is 1.8mm and this has a 2.2 fitted therefore would this account for anything?

Also noticed there is a very slight rattle when cutting however it’s mainly when it’s idling and goes away when it’s making a cut, also when looking at the blade whilst spinning it looks fine and on inspecting with the machine off there appears to be no play or rattle, only thing I have noticed is that the blade turns about an 1/8 on inch then locks and otherwise everything looks fine, it looks as though its hardly been used and in really good condition

The machine itself is exactly 2 years old this month therefore there’s another year left on the warranty but am I covered with buying second hand?, is the warranty transferable?

Also if there were problems with it the problems the previous owner could have had the machine repaired free under the warranty.

Im hoping a new blade and splinter guard (could this be the problem) will sort things but I would be grateful for any of your opinions because at the moment it doesn’t appear to cut any better than my old Macalister saw!

Hi, I have the TSC55 which also has the thinner kerf blade, I would replace with the correct blade as it will not run as it should. Warranty is transferable but the original owner needs to contact Festool and ask them to do it and you need to register for a Festool account, its free and just shows your tools and allows you to book services and warranty etc.
The older model TS55 often sounds like it's rattling when you run it without load, lots of people question it but it's just the electronics constantly adjusting the speed that makes it sound like that, generally sounds even worse if you turn it down to a slower speed.

Like I say though that's the older model, I have no experience of the newer ones.
Thanks for the info guys, and that’s settled me a bit as researching the noise issue it makes is quite a common issue as Doug stated.