festool mitre saw buy stand or not?


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13 Jul 2014
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could anyone give me a little advice on which mitre saw stand to buy , iam about to buy a festool 60eb 5 mitre saw and dont know whether to buy the festool stand or not its not cheap ive looked at it on saturday in the axminster shop but couldnt make my mind up , i would like to keep the saw attached to the stand for transport etc , thanks
I have the DeWalt one and it's brilliant. There are two sizes, worth getting the longer one as the price is not much different.

i use that linked dewalt stand - folds up really well, and the extendable sides have come in very useful , for a lot of my projects
i would like to keep the saw attached to the stand for transport etc , thanks
But i do not transport it - when not in use , i cannot leave up - i take the dewalt mitre saw (778) OFF the stand and then the stand folds up and sits in the corner of the workshop - well large garage
I have the Festool stand for my KS120, it is expensive but it is really nice.

The thing that sets it apart for me are the "wings" or trimming attachments as Festool call them. You can't beat having the full length shelf type support there all the time instead of just one little narrow support to balance your wood on. You get proper flip stops on the Festool which work well, I find the fold up type stops on other stands terrible, they are fiddly to set up and generally not at all accurate.

I guess you could make some shelf type supports for one of the other stands or just buy the Festool trolley and make your own wings and flip stop set up for it to save a bit of cash but if you can stretch to it the proper Festool set up is good.
Just to muddy the waters a bit, I have the long and short DeWalt stands; they're great IMO. I mount the Kapex to the short stand via a mini MFT type board with the DeWalt mitre saw mounts fixed to it and the Kapex wings then mount to the saw. I had to shorten the legs on the stand a hair but that was easy enough. I don't have the room for the Festool stand (nor a need for wheels) so it works well for me flexibility wise.

FWIW, there are 2 different lengths of the DeWalt mounts with longer ones specifically for mitre saws. The thicknesser also has a similar arrangement and works pretty well - but the wider Dewalt supports help there with wider boards.

If you really want wheels then this is all a bit useless for you though 🤷‍♂️
Depends what you need it for, if you are lugging it all around them maybe you need one.
My Kapex120 is 80% in the workshop so I built a wheeled cart from OSB and 4 100mm castors with locking wheels, total cost about £50.
I just manage without a stand when out of the workshop, I find that it sits quite well on my hopup which is a Werner adjustable height one. The smaller ks60 is pretty lightweight and easy to carry about.

thanks for the advice, still trying to buy the saw ,have been trying to get the 10%discount by referring a friend from ffx,but getting a bit sick of waiting for them to complete the request ,can take a few days so i have been told
I usually buy from FFX as price is good if you get discounts etc but bought my latest Festool (Kapex60) from Powertoolmate, was a bit suspicious as never heard of them before but price was much better service was good.
i will have a look , axminster give me a decent price , not the cheapest but they did try, there is a few on e-bay brand new etc etc but dare you and were do they get them ,200 cheaper than the shop, would they be poss re-con or even returns ,or even worse,
ive had a look at the powertoolmate site and yes you were right prices are very good indeed, not open until monday , i will most likely use them , thanks
well i am now the proud owner of a ks 60 mitre saw and stand ,very good quality which you would expect from festool and for how much they cost, all from powertoolmate which i found to be the best price , just have to buy the trimming attachments to go with it , thanks for putting me on to them(woody alan)

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