External joinery mortice and Tenon methods which lasts longest query


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Information is difficult to find, the BWF have on their site, links to various documents: Publications Archive - The Wood Window Alliance not read through all of them though.

Trada also publish various books on windows, for example: BM TRADA Bookshop

Accoya did do training and supply a folder which is issued to the "user" with information and requirements. I was going to do my refresher last year but it was cancelled.

As Robin has outlined the paint manufactures play a very big part in all of this.

Keep it quiet but I have just had 2 PVC windows fitted at my mothers house, they are in a flush casement style (called R7's if anyone interested) and finished in a grey colour, they are really nice and actually look more like wooden windows than some wooden ones I have seen 🙄
Did a big house with the Residence R9's last year (pretty good as well) having done a full cost analysis across a lot of of other options for the client + these were made in Norwich (did try to sell him timber)

unless we make a large investment its impossible to compete with a proper window specialist
I don't try any more, mine are all for listed/ conservation & in small numbers now
the trouble is ever rising timber costs and manufacturing time. coupled with alternative and cheaper upvc competition. I guess there shrinking as folk move on and training isn't a 5 min job. they've got an scm cnc mostly doing the cut outs for windows and doors( ironmongery.) there's plenty of others around me. piper boats have a big joinery section. oaktree joinery. lymewood Architectural. some are pretty big outfits. many of the old shopfitting places have shut. with them furniture has mostly gone. a guy called alcove makes nice stuff in leek.