electra Beckum hc 260 toast or saveable?


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Hi Mike,

I know what you mean but after taking a couple of passes this become exaggerated and becomes noticeable.

after taking the chain of yet again I've noticed its really difficult to make tiny incremental changes and get the chain back on easily without everything moving a little, so going to set it up once again plane check results and and shim if neccesary and call it a day.

Iv now ordered the dewalt 733 thicknesseser as I fancied the extra width capacity so will probably delegate the ec260 to planer mode only.

Thanks again for the help and your great advice.


Nick you are welcome, in this lockdown period it keeps us just on the right side of sanity, I hope. Arghhhhhh, open another bottle of Claret.
Hi all.
Great to read through this and wow what a team effort!!
My Elektra Beckum chain gave way two days ago and without a his long thread I wouldn’t have even known about the sprockets and chain so at least now I know the problem.

My chain however has a link that has snapped so it keeps coming off. Does anyone know where I can get another chain with the same dimensions?

I’m in Australia so it will likely be a little more of a challenge or different places but I’ll import it if you know where.

Thanks in advance.


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