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Dust filter Cartridge for diy system


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23 Aug 2011
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sevenoaks, kent

I have a small workshop, with the main dust generating machines being a lathe, router table and bandsaw. These are currently extracted via a ducted system hooked up to an axminster 801 extractor, that shifts 1000 m3 per hour. However, this is really strugling to pull much air through, so i am thinking of making up a diy extractor, as the cyclone one i would like in Axminster is both a bit big and a bit expensive (I have asthma, so need as good extraction as possible, as well as respirator and air filter).

I am thinking of making a cyclone using the kit available online, so not too much dust gets to the extrator, i was then thinking of either using a normal chip extractor or canabalising the blower from a chip extractor before sending the air through a very fine filter cartridge. In effect creating the DIY version of this (but with 3-5000 m3 per hour extraction):

http://www.oneida-air.com/inventoryD.as ... 05H&CatId={7F6C8978-92E8-4902-9A37-D8A254EDF4FC}

Has anyone built a system like this?

Does anyone know where i could get a very large suface area (cylindrical) HEPA type dust filter?