Dust extraction in medium sized workshop


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6 Aug 2018
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Hi all , I have a medium sized workshop , running a welder ad731 planer with cheapo extractor next to it , fox i think does a good job.
panel saw scam si400 with an old axminster ade200 1.5kw 2200m3/hr ( I doubt it) doing that with 2 x 100mm hoses and the fine cartridge filter.
Looking to get a more powerful unit if anyone cn advise that can do both tools and provide more suction , especially at the table saw.
or alternative stick a larger inventair mk2 mtfa 3kw 3050m3hr extractor outside but this adds about 10m to the ducting and both tools would run on this at once.
Despite the larger power / airflow would I still get an improvement?
Any other options recommendations - also thinking something small ut powerful so if I downsize I am covered
https://www.machinery4wood.co.uk/La...2pKuM9u7Qx-txeJ1mUIO2iYeOTgFssrBoCQwkQAvD_BwEThis little beauty will probably do just fine..... other brands are available, as are other models of this one. A big extractor outside is better though.

Have a look through this to understand dist collection better:
https://billpentz.com/woodworking/cyclone/index.phpThe pipework will maje a huge difference, so you'll have to read up a bit

I have a 3-bag P&J extractor which does a table saw, crosscut, planer, spindle, bandsaw and two sanders. In my present workshop it's out the back in its own little shed. In previous workshops I've had it indoors. There are good and bad bits to both. Indoors- you get to breathe any dust that the filters don't catch and it's messy and dusty when you change the bags.
Outdoors, in winter when you have the extract running it sucks all the warm air out of the shop, and if you have a woodburner it will pull the smoke down the flue if you don't have the door or a window open. I've meant for years to make the extractor shed airtight and have a filtered air duct back into the shop, to return the warm air. Maybe one day!