Dust Extraction Sizing Advice for Felder RL 160


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6 Aug 2018
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Hi all
I bought a used Felder rl 160 dust extractor , 3kw max 300m/hr. Bit if a beast.
Want some basic advice re ducting. The extractor is 160mm inlet nd will feed to a few tools used mostly on their own.The planer has a 125mm outlet the table saw a 125 and 80 which is effective a 150mm outlet.
Where is best to educe to the 125mm ( the 150mm I think is too small a difference to matter)
As clise to the machine as possible or allow some 125mm for initial velocity? The 160 pipe will run vertical and then horizontal for 5 metres before doing final 2m drop to a point where some flexi hose goes on.
also thinking of using spiral ducting with the reubber gasket any opinions on this?
And any on the round internal dampers/ gates rather than the stock square blast gate? I figure with the internal UI can tune up the extraction to keep air velocity exactly where it should be

thanks all


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