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23 Feb 2004
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I recently bought a cheap dovetail jig from Amazon - it's an identical copy of the silverline jig that seems to have many clones including the Axcaliber from Axminster.
Build quality is great and I have no issues with that.

Operation is smooth and accurate and the parts look good when cut.

However, when I try to fit them I find that the tails are wider than the sockets.

I have tried raising the cutter until the bearing no longer touches the template (also tried a guide bush and raised the cutter until it was just clear of the bush) but I get the same result - tails are too wide.

Any suggestions as to what the issue could be?
Anyone had a good expereience of these jigs?
I haven't use one of these for years but it sounds like your guide bush might be too big, measure the difference between tail and socket, halve it and decrease the guide or bearing by that amount. I found it took a bit of trial and error on scrap before I could get a fair result so I don't use one now

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