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Double sided mirror doors for bathroom cabinets


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30 Nov 2003
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South Derbyshire, UK
Having spent the last few weekends transferring our bathrooms's tiles and plaster to a skip and boarding it, I'm happy to hand over to the plasterer on monday and can start thinking about the fitting out.

I want to build some wall cabinets, probably of sycamore, with mirrored doors, but these I've never done before. What I want in at least one case is doors of double sided and frameless mirrors. I have seen some very nice german cabinets (at around the £400 - £600 each mark!!) that have mirrors bonded back to back and are hinged with kitchen cabinet style hinges using a plate bonded to the glass, and I hope to emulate this.

I was wondering if anyone else has any experience of similar construction. I spoke to glazier yesterday who was suggesting 4mm mirror glass with a film backing that prevents splintering. He said that if I could bond them together he would bevel/polish the edges. I'm not sure what to use to join them and have not been able to track down suitable hinges yet so any advice would be appreciated.

I'm also interested in incorporating lighting and any pointers there would be appreciated.

thanks, Colin


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26 Nov 2004
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Mirror adhesive would be suitable for holding the two sheets together, it's a bit like silicon, or you could just use clear silicon.

There are several kitchen type hinges that fix through a hole in the glass but I have not seen ones that can be bonded on. There is also a system that cuts a hole with a "dovetailed" side that will accept special fixings, this may be what has been used.

I have also used small pivot type hinges that clamp over the corner of the glass.

Here's a link to some cornice lighting that could be fixed to the top of your cabinet http://www.kitchenextras.co.uk/results.php?catid=84

You say that you have boarded the bathroom by which I assume you have stud walls, have you considered recessing the cabinet into the studwork so that you can have more storage depth without the cabinet sticking out into the room too far.



Just a thought, but one of those very expensive German cabinet ranges, is by a firm called KEUCO.


I recently needed a spare part for a cabinet that was exorbitant, 30 years ago. They still had the part (nylon bushes, for the now slightly saggy hinge-pins), and were charming to deal with!

Perhaps you could have a look at their current range, and just buy doors/hinges/light fittings, as spare parts?

(Mine is similar to their current Royal T2. The mirrors are held by extruded enamelled aluminium fillets along the top and bottom edges, with concealed pivot hinges above and below the integral vertical fluorescent lamps at each side — very effective).


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