do people still text?

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4 Mar 2016
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I have noticed a great lack of response when I sent a txt to people,

have people given up texting thesedays? :D
In general, yes. WhatsApp has taken over for me. I can't remember the last time I sent a text but it would be to my dad who doesn't use instant message and so had sent me a text.
I get a few texts but if anyone wants me they have to phone text or wait for me to check my email on the 'puter. Texts while I am working drive me mad as I don't usually stop and then forget that I have had a text. I am not into all this social media stuff so that I can be tracked all the time.
my niece shocked me when she said that, despite having a 5000 text monthly allowance, she often runs out!!
Judging by the amount of walking zombies too busy texting to even check if the road is clear before stepping out in front of moving traffic , i would have to say yes texting is alive and well.
Hide your I.D.
maybe they dont want to talk to you :shock: (hammer) :lol: :lol:
If you run your phone on the super cheap without a mobile data plan, texts are the only messaging option - so yes.
Texts are unreliable - while they are generally OK I've sent and received texts that have taken as much as 3 days to make it across the network. I think this is mostly related to one party or the other being in a dead zone at the time and it taking a long time for the networks to process when they reconnect (even if that's only a few minutes later).
This happens just often enough that I would never assume that a text has been received until the other party has responded to it.
For interest, a passing comment supported by a poll around the room when I was visiting one of BT's biggest "telephone exchanges" suggests that landlines are now only used by businesses and people of retirement age. Mobiles have absolutely taken over personal communication.
Nearly everyone I know uses WhatsApp now. You know when they have received msg, it's easy to set up groups and it's free to send images (which is really handy for work).
How the hell am I supposed to send a video of someone doing a massive FAIL in a text?

What a stupid, ignorant question.
The bank sends texts to use as a one time password to confirm identification. However, they are often delayed, or don't arrive at all. When I say delayed, I mean by hours, or sometimes days. Rather defeats the idea of instant on-line purchasing.
You know there is a large swathe of the population will say "Do people still use thread based forums?"

Different strokes
I've never sent a text message and it looks like I never will,,takes me five minutes to write a couple of sentences on this forum.Never owned a mobile phone either,survived this long without one perhaps I can last a little longer without one,think of the money I've saved,must be in the thousands considering how much they cost,anticipating lots of gadget owners giving me some earache about the wonders of owning the latest communication device on the market,I just heard an advert for one,£30 a month for minimum ot 36 months !
I texted my holidaying neighbour last night and she phoned me back later, amongst other things, thanking me for "my SMS message" :shock: ....just sayin'

I use What's App, but my phone, which is my wives cast off, is usually switched off. This does irritate my wife, but at least I get some peace and quiet, and no nuisance calls. I am some what technophobic, and I'm also not very quick at typing and make numerous errors on the phone.

Another using WhatsApp for messaging and phone calls.
Here in Spain virtually no one uses sms as its unreliable/doesn't work and its expensive, the only people that use sms are the banks.....

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There are two types of folk, partially but not totally separated by age.

There are those who are clearly insecure. Can't go 10 minutes without checking if they have emails, messages, Facebook or Twitter. Feel that if they haven't had a response to a message etc within 5 minutes that they must have upset someone or they've had an untimely accident. On holiday they take pictures on the Iphone and before moving on post them on Facebook for all to see.

Then there's people like me. Just downloaded Whatsap after pressure from daughters. Don't really understand why its so much better than Skype (I can see who I'm talking to!) - but it's probably me needing to learn the subtleties. Texts still get a bit of use. Generally I've figured that if I only look at the phone every few hours it's still better than snail mail.
When I was working, driving instructor, I had one pupil who would book lessons on Facebook. It was a right faff. What's wrong with picking up the phone, instant answer instead of having to wait for a reply, then confirming yes or no.