Dining chairs


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Tim Nott

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8 Jun 2008
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Just made eight of these, and boy, did they take ages. They're based on a Kevin Rodell design from Fine Woodworking, but the backs are all mine with a little inspiration from Charles Rennie Macintosh. I couldn't afford leather, so I made woven reed seats instead of Rodell's upholstered ones. Weaving flat reed is very hard work as you near the end - the first seat took me a day, but by number eight I was down to half of that. The wood was ash.


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Very nice.

I made 4 dining chairs in a week the later I decided to make 2 more which also took a week!

It would be great to have a few more photos, Tim. That looks a really nice chair. Are they all side chairs, or did you make some carvers?
Racers":1kbcxl18 said:
I made 4 dining chairs in a week the later I decided to make 2 more which also took a week!


Yep, that's how it works.

So, I've got ten to make when I get around to it. Is that going to take me (10 / 4 x 1 week = 2-1/2 weeks), or will they also take a week? :) Actually, the carving alone will probably take a week.
Very nice job, I always admire people who make chairs =D> =D> =D>

Chairs are about the only thing I have never made, they just look so time consuming.

In my house I have made all the windows, doors (internal and external), staircase, kitchen, wardrobes, TV cabinets etc in fact everything that is wood I have made except the chairs!

One day I will pluck up the courage as it is something I would love to make, I'm sure it would take me at least a week per chair though.
Nice. I like the back design too, and the seat weaving; it looks very clean - what material did you use please ?
Very nice Tim. I remember when I made my set of four - they took absolutely ages, but very satisfying when finished.
As MikeG says above, a few more pics would be good.

Really nice looking chair. Chair making is still a place I fear to tread. Perhaps having repaired a few put me off. So as Doug said I admire people who can make them. Great job.