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Sold DeWalt DWS780 SCMS - Germany


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9 Apr 2017
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I realize this is a long shot, but just in case someone on this side of the Channel is interested in a great saw, I am selling my DeWalt DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw. The Kapex 120 I ordered is ready for pickup, so the DWS780 must find a new home. This is the Type 11, as seen in the data plate image below, but I don't know what the difference is between the Type 11 or 21, or any of the other versions.

I'm asking €650 (about £555 today) for everything identified below. I won't ship this, but am willing to travel within 50KM of the Frankfurt or Darmstadt area to deliver or meet the buyer for the exchange. If the buyer prefers, we can meet at my house and try the saw in place. I'm not splitting this up, so this all or nothing package deal includes the following items:

1. DeWalt DWS780 Type 11 Saw
2. DeWalt DE7023 Heavy Duty Stand
3. DeWalt 305mm 60T Blade with 30mm arbor hole (came with the saw)
4. Forrest Chopmaster 12-inch 80T blade with 1-inch arbor hole (part number CM12806115)
5. Trend 305mm 84T Tungsten Carbide Tipped blade with 30mm arbor hole (part number CSB/AP30584)
6. Colliflower Zero Clearance Plate, with 8 unused inserts
7. DeWalt Conversion Parts for 1-inch arbor hole blades (currently installed on the saw with the Chopmaster blade)

The standard arbor size is 5/8-inch and the saw came with the adapter bushing and outer clamp to fit the European 30mm diameter blades. When I bought the Chopmaster blade from Slivers Mill, I mistakenly ordered the 1-inch hole instead of the 30mm hole. By the time I realized the error, the 30mm version of the blade wasn't in stock and the sales representative at Slivers Mill didn't know when it would be available. To compensate for this, I bought the OEM outer clamp (151962-01), blade adapter ring (152636-00), and busing (644999-00) to fit the 1-inch arbor hole.



This is the Colliflower zero clearance plate with sacrificial insert. This is the original version and not the newer version that allows you to replace the inserts without removing the plate.



The stock 60T blade that came with the saw and the Trend 84T Tungsten Carbide blade. Both have the 30mm arbor hole and the stock 30mm arbor bushing and outer clamp are shown. The DeWalt blade is shown in the box for the Chopmaster blade.


This saw uses the LED shadow line instead of a LASER for help in locating the cut line to the blade.


This is the DE7023 Heavy Duty Stand showing the extension wings partially extended. One of the end stops is shown attached to the extension wing and the other is attached to the main stand. The end stops can be attached anywhere along the stand.


These are the stock DeWalt blade inserts and the eight replacement Colliflower zero-clearance inserts.


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