dewalt dw017 24v mitre saw general advice / blade choice

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22 Jul 2019
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Hi all.

Just joined / 1st post!

Picked DW071 up from a boot fair on Sunday with charger and two batteries. Came with original box too ! In very good nick apart from one of the batterys was an aftermarket and the original dewalt battery was not charging .. I got the dewalt batt going as per the you tube vids out there . So have two charged batts now. Anyway I tried a few cuts and it struggled going through a 6 x 2.
Obviously a new blade should help as it seems the blade is blunt (I couldn't identify a name on the blade ) although opinions on what it should/ or how it would cut would help ?
I wondered about a freud blade at 2.4 kerf ? Should I go thinner? 48 t. Also a little confused about the neg blade thing ? Will neg cut better but slower etc ?

I am general builder so will use this for skirtings architrave roofing etc I have the big corded 12 " dewalt (780 110 volt ) so this is really for portability as the corded is quite awkward up stairs and over kill sometimes!
I had a makita 18v cordless a few years ago which was very light / very small and did cut ok just had to give it a little gentle time. It had a new blade . The Dw017 is quite heavy in comparison but seems to have a really solid feel (same casting material as the 780 ) so will prob keep it. I did wonder if I should sell both and get a cordless say Milwaukee as I have a lot of there tools ? Thanks if anyone wants to chip in
Kerf is not the problem, its what you are trying to do with it, to mitre cut skirtings and architrave's you need as many teeth on the blade as possible 70/80 tooth for fine work, for rough cut roofing work and even a 6 x 2 you need a 40 tooth or similar, Freud blades are about the best you can get for a reasonable cost, but if you really want to make a professional finish of your skirtings and architraves you need one of these: ... saw-610314

Thanks for the info and time to reply. I will have a look at getting a couple of different blades and prob stay with freud. thanks again