Dado blade - UNI EN847 COMPLIANT and legal in the EU

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I might be wrong, but check how high the spindle will come up, ie depth under the table. Usually they will fit. The minimum saw diameter is usually defined by the peripheral speed if the teeth. Ie smaller diameter and they don’t rotate fast enough. Grover’s sent that fussy
I'll try the set I have on the saw. Been wanting to fo ages to find a way 😀. I'll Let you know .
I'm presuming this blade is only available with a 5/8" arbour hole and needs a saw with a long arbour. I must say I hadn't considered the possibility of the middle chippers moving when stopping the saw and haven't ever run into the problem. Infinity tools will sell you a combined washer and nut for 5/8" arbours to mount a full 3/4" dado. I rarely use a dado stack now and if I do it's to cut finger joints with the Incra jig - better than a router table IMO.
People about to buy a table saw should be aware that there are a lot of US products with the 5/8 " arbour that we rarely hear about over here but are very useful. I have a 'Magic moulder ' set for mouldings which is very high quality and also Andy Klein's ' Mitre fold Blade ' sold by Rockler which is a unique tool that cuts miter joints in one pass on the table saw. Choices are there if you look for them . Using these American style saws is perfectly safe as long as you use your common sense.
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