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16 Oct 2016
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With the new job keeping me out of the workshop more than I’d like I’ve spent a fair amount of time on trains watching videos and reading online.

Seems like it’s inevitable on US sites and videos that the Studley toolchest will show up at some point and the modern replicas of the mallet within it


Intrigued and again too much time online meant I had this landing on the doormat


Seems a fair bit bigger than the Studley version. The mahogany type infil was showing some splintering and the repurposed hammer handle was the best fit and a split held with a jubilee clip



Casting has some details that seems like they could be finessed with a file - still undecided whether to just redo the wooden parts or to finesse the casting too.

Interested to see other peoples infill mallets.
So who else has one and what does it look like?
I acquired this a few months, ashamed to say I didn't really know what it was until I googled it and asked on here. I was going to attempt replacing the faces but am told the infill goes right through and the handle through that so not straightforward.

Does make me smile every time I use it :)

brass mallet 1.jpg

brass mallet 2.jpg
That looks a useful size (the one I found is on the large size)
Yeah handle goes through the infil, if the head is fitted to the handle with a taper fit then straight forward to knock it out and then the infil is going to be a block with a tapered mortice.

If the handle is held on with wedges is a bit more destructive to remove
I do not remember where I obtained this mallet, but as of today, I will call it an infill mallet (never heard the terminology before, but I really like it!). It is deceptively HEAVY.
When it comes time to replacing the timber striking faces (soon to be required), it appears that most have end-grain facing out for durability?
01 Alex Infill Mallet dsc03220.jpg

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