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11 Apr 2019
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Good Afternoon All,

I have recently inherited my fathers Coronet Capitol 7" planer, in principle it is in working order complete with the fence and thicknesser attachment, unfortunately it has been sat unused for quite a few years. After some extremely helpful discussions with Derek Pyatt who has been incredibly generous with his time, some research here and on the Boleyn Workshop a little elbow grease it is looking a lot better now, however after taking the blades out there is not a lot of material left on them and I am unsure of whether they will do more than a single sharpen.

Derek unfortunately doesn't have any blades available and it seems the slot positions on the blades are not common, however after another very helpful discussion with a company that supplies blades I was told that the Jacking Screws are only for setup and alignment and provide no mechanical fixing...the Cap Screws do all the work. This would open up the ability to use an alternative blade in the machine albeit with a more involved setup.

So I am hoping that there are other Capitol owners out there who might have done something similar and could share their experience on this ? Has anyone used other blades and simply left out the Jacking Screws...or dropped in a dummy bolt to keep the hole filled ? Or possibly even have a source of a set of blades that I could buy ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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