Cooksley 12 x 9 planer / thicknesser

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1 Mar 2005
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I've just bought one of these - possibly a 1970's machine. I haven't worked out yet if the bolts are imperial or metric, but interestiungly the drive belt/chain cover is fibreglass. I don't know if this helps with the identification - no type number is available - it has a 3 blade head.

It's 3ph and as my lahe and bench drill are also old and on invertors my intention is to run it that way, but I cannot as yet find the motor plate to tell me the size of invertor to get.

Can anyone help me please. And then what chance is there of a manual?
Nev - that is a bonus I didn't expect - so many thanks. That's the machine OK. It doesn't give me the motor power but all the lubrication points and so on, plus how to set up the blades is invaluable.

There's a bit of rust on the cutterblock so it's been well sprayed with WD40 and to be left for several days to release the blades, and I've got two sets of replacement ones.

Does that website name suggest that Wadkins took Cooksley over or is that just coincidence ?

I can't remember at the moment what the power of the inverter for the wood lathe is, but one option I could well try if stuck is to connect that to the planer and allow its self protection to trip out if it isn't man enough.

Again so many thanks for that link.
Nev - maybe you might have guessed that my request for a manual was just a thrown in line, hence my comment on that being a bonus. I really didn't expect to get that.

Now that I have a type number I may be able to get the motor power from Mr Google too .

You've been a big help - thanks again
OldWood":2o9a13c1 said:
Does that website name suggest that Wadkins took Cooksley over or is that just coincidence ?

I think Robinson bought Wadkin Bursgreen, Cooksley and Dominion from Wadkin in the late 80s and then went under in the early 90s but Original Wadkin was still going strong until the early 2000s when it was bought by Daltons and became Daltons Wadkin.

No idea where the Cooksley brand is hiding but you now have Advanced Machinery Services in Leicester that owns the Wadkin Bursgreen brand and sell Wadkin Bursgreen machines and manufacture spare parts for the old machines, Daltons Wadkin LTD in Nottingham that own the Wadkin brand and sell Wadkin Machines (Most of these are actually based on the old castings), not to be confused for each other :lol:

It's all a bit confusing and I've probably got it wrong somewhere.