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Thanks for the update Gary and sorry to hear that the machine is not up and running yet. I‘ve appreciated your posts on here - information on Bestcombi‘s can sometimes be a little hard to come by and therefore any additional information is always useful. Thanks again

Yay I have finally sorted out this bearing problem. only because I've decided to change the other set of bearings on the feed out roller. One of the bearings is intact and I can now see the problem. I didn't realise the flange sits inside the casing, the only thing I needed to do was to grind down the new bearing to fit the casing. I did this with a bench belt sander a little at a time until perfect fit. Thank you all so much for your kind help it really did get me to this point. Thank you, thank you.


  • Bearing seated in its housing 2871.jpg
    Bearing seated in its housing 2871.jpg
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  • Bearing with instruction 2861.jpg
    Bearing with instruction 2861.jpg
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The machine now has four spanking new bearings thanks to Kinverkid for pointing me to Simply Bearings and DHenry for advising me how to remove the unit from the rest of the machine. I still have this problem of the belt running off to the shoulder of the pulley. I even tried adjusting the cutter assembly by raising the belt side to offset the pulley a little but this made no difference. I cannot see a bearing only what looks like a roller bearing but I checked this and there is no play in it. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.



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    Drive pullys_2747.JPG
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    Infeed roller in place with new bearing_2869.JPG
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Found this photograph from 2019 before I replaced the bushes and the drive belt (missing in the photo). It sounds like something is out of balance. My large pulley (it will have a proper name) was loose. I drilled a hole in a piece of wood slightly larger than the spindle then placed it over the spindle and tapped the pulley home. Can't remember if I then had to use a c-clip or if it was friction fit from there.

DSC03501 (1).JPG
It's nice to see a machine exactly like mine. I don't suppose you would know if your belt rubs against the retaining washer or runs true in the centre of the pulley? My large pulley is firm to the pivot but has the slightest of play, I mean really slight.
I'm about to embark on my next phase of getting my machine to run smoothly without losing drive belts.
There are no adjustments anywhere to centre the drive belt. If I undo the bolt that screws into the end of the large wheel pivot and put a angled washer each side of the framework and then screw up the bolt again It should change the angle of the wheel and thereby allowing the belt to run centrally on the top pivot. This is going to be a bit time consuming in making sure I grind and adjust the angled washers enough to see any difference in the belt position. Pictures to follow!

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