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Just to come at this from a different angle, most online bookies also quote prices in decimal format you just need to find the button. This would eliminate the need for all that excel jiggery pokery!

Are you looking at arbitrage? It has something that has caught my eye a few times in the past. I used to have loads of spreadsheets that could analyse various events but since I upgraded my computer I haven't got them anymore, sorry.

Good luck

Hi Saint

Yes, a lot of sites do offer odds in decimals - it's just that I don't seem to be able to visualise them in decimal whereas I can do so in fraction form. Strange, eh :roll: ? I find it much easier to spot interesting data by looking at fractions, then making the computer do all the number crunching in decimal.

Arbitrage? I've considered this in the past but rejected it because... errrr... it looks too much like hard work :oops: ! Added to which, it's very easy for bookies to spot an arbitrageur because of the peculiar sums that are bet. Who but an arbitrageur would bet £38.17? I've known people have their accounts suspended because of this. Have you tried arbitrage yourself?


I haven't tried arbitrage myself. Like I say I looked into it but to be honest I haven't got the time to sit and wait for the opportunites to arise. Plus the start up costs are a bit prohibitve with all those accounts to fund.

I think I like the challenge of trying to work out these systems and proving that they don't work rather than actually placing bets. Of course you cant be that feeling of coming up with a theory, modelling it and proving it works. This is only exceeded by the feeling of disappointment when you realise that your calculations have been wrong and the system didn't work after all!! Still, it is fun trying. Well I think so.

Do you mind if I ask what you are working on? I understand if you dont want to say.



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