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Richard S

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7 Nov 2005
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Hi all

Up until today I have never had a problem with condensation. The workshop is a 45mm thick pine log cabin insulated with 25mm polystyrene followed by a polythene vapour barrier then lined with 12mm chipboard. I have two greenhouse type tube heaters that run constantly during the cold weather and an oil filled radiator I use when I'm cold. The radiator is always turned of at night and the dehumidifier is left running. Every time I return to the workshop it is bone dry, cast iron, glass the lot not a drop of water and never a rust stain to be seen. However last night like a wally I forgot not only to turn on the dehumidifier but also left the radiator on and tonight all the windows are steamed up and running with water. The dehumidifier is a recent addition, even before its arrival there was no sign of condensation.
Any one got any ideas why an oil filled rad might cause this as I always assumed this to be a source of dry heat.

thanks for your time.



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26 Jul 2005
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Romsey, Hampshire
Your heaters are not likely to be to blame, certainly not as a source of water vapour but there is one culprit - YOU!

I suspect when ou were last in the shop, you warmed it up with the heaters and whilst you were in there you were breathing! and the nice warm air absorbed the moisture. You may well have been exerting yourself as well and sweating - more moisture.

During the night as the temperature dropped, the air would no longer hold that much water vapour and it condensed on surfaces where you spotted it the next day.

You might want to consider linking the dehumidifier such that it switches on when the lights are switched off or somesuch scheme to save it happening again.



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