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7 May 2023
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I have a large agricultural shed, that is not really suitable to use as a workshop. It has a metal profile sheet roof, when cold, condensation forms on the underside, leading to ‘indoor rain’ especially below the purlins. Also the two long sides are covered with Yorkshire Boarding (15 cm wide wood with 15-25 mm gap between them. Ideal for a cow shed but not for a workshop.

I am intending to build a 9 x 4 m workshop inside the big shed. For the walls, I am thinking of using Metal framed stud walling with either 48 or 70mm wide framing, filled with rockwool and covered with 11 m OSB, inside and out. The ceiling maybe Kingspan or OSB, fixed to the underside of the rafters and covered with more rockwool or glass fibre insulation, beneath a waterproof layer, perhaps thick gauge polythene sheet, which is just to keep the indoor rain off the insulation. It is out of UV light so should last a reasonable time.

I am more likely to have a dehumidifier, rather than heating, to stop tools rusting etc and an infrared electric heater, if cold. although a wood burner may be fitted in time, so the inside will only be heated, while working in below 5C temperatures and only to 10C, just enough stop my hands getting cold!

The roof is a cold roof so condensation is not expected to be a concern. With OSB sheathing the ‘stud walls’ should not transmit moisture and therefore internal condensation is not expected. Indeed I have timber framed, twin OSB lined storeroom , with no problems over the last 16 years.

Any comments, suggestions will be welcomed.
I retrofitted an internal stud wall, osb with Breather membrane and old lift insulation between boards.
The building was 9” hollows.
I’ve bought tools off people who had uninsulated sheds and everything was a bit rusty.


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