complex reception counter build.

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9 Sep 2017
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Good afternoon uk worskhoppers. I wanted to ask your opinion on the following. This just landed in my inbox and I was asked to quote for it. A rather large chunk of a reception desk to be made from solid wood.

Whilst i'm a competent woodworker I haven’t built something with curves on this scale before. The curved slat section has a length of 2855 mm and with the added wings reaches 3695 mm

What would be your method of building such a thing. My idea would be to create a curved form from ply that then gets veneered. Then the covering slats would with be steamed bent or bent laminated to cover. neither of which technique I have much experience with.
Also what would be your quote for such a piece its undoubtedly a lot of work and materials costs won’t be cheap either?


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That looks like a 3d model, well rendered, but just checking because there is construction detail visible in the images. The extended ends of the desk look to have a half inch thick solid wood edge and the radiussed corner lippings look bandsawn from solid according to way the grain runs, yes ?

Never built one but a reception desk is part of the first impression you get on checking into a hotel or a company. They get leant on and constantly knocked by people's luggage. However you build it, it needs to be able to take some wear and tear without becoming tired and shabby. Beware of too crisp edges that will show up damage.

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