Class L or Class M dust extractor for home shed/workshop

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16 Aug 2019
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I'm trying to workout if I need a class l or m for my 12x10 shed/workshop. I'm the only one using the any power tools in there and I want to take advantage of the 10% offer that ebay currently have at the mo that I can use on the ebay/FFX store. I've currently got a Henry hooked up to a Dust Deputy that's connected to my table saw and while it's served it purpose, I think an upgrade is needed.

I've been looking at the V-tuf mini plus, the Trend T-35 (Both Class M) or a Festool 574843 240V MINI dust extractor and adding the dust mite/sustainer box that 'The Bear' made Dust-mite/Sustainer

I've also looked at some of the other brands Fien, Makita etc, some I'm not set on any of the 3 mentioned above.

Also I always wear a 3M 7550 dust mask with P3 filters any time I'm in the shed cutting anything.

Any advice would be appreciated.
You'd be paying for a little alarm and a bit of QA - I'm pretty sure thats the only difference between L & M. As you're working alone why bother? Could have a look at Nilfisk who make the Makita (and other) units. TBH though Henrys are quite good and beautifully quiet.
I agree, the filtration is exactly the same on both, but L is cheaper. M is good where there are mutiple users so it usually ends up being no ones job to check the bag. If you are the sole user it's your job and you will do it so no need for an alarm.