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30 Sep 2004
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I’m being a bit slow today but what type of clamps are these?

I’m after some but would ideally like the flat bar to be a round bar 8-10mm in diameter.
They are ' table edge clamps ' as far as I know. Mainly for clamping plywood to the edge of a table and using a fretsaw. A bit old school now.
They do look a bit "recent" but they are identical to fretsaw table clamps. The metal table had a slot to take the clamp and the table (with a vee-shape cutout) was clamped to table/bench and hung clear to enable fretwork. Mind you I have seen similar clamps holding up ping-pong nets!
fret saw clamps; available on the big river company site and probably on eBay too.

I have a few of different sizes and very useful to have a times.

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