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18 Aug 2017
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Central Scotland
I would be grateful of advice from members with more experience than myself.
I am laying a 20sq. metre floor using Egger T & G boards. The joints on the long edge will not close up correctly. After a lot of investigation the problem is caused by the boards being 600mm wide at one end and 601mm at the other. When the joints are staggered this causes the problem.
Is this normal and I need to accept it.
Egger recommend all joints have foaming glue which would hide the gap.
I’ve only ever used caber-deck and ive not had this issue . I’ve never had to glue them up as if ever you need to remove them they will get wrecked. If you are carpeting or laying a laminate floor 1 mm won’t imo make any difference..
Thanks Bingy man --the few previous floors I have laid also fitted perfectly.

Tracked down the specification for the Egger board for width or length and it is +or- 5mm!!
My concern was if the t&g is loose then floor will 'squeak'. So it looks like will need to glue,
Seem to remember that OSB roofing panels are done like that on purpose, trouble is I can’t remember what the purpose is!
600mm vs 601mm is roughly 0.666% - is that really causing an issue? If it's an underfloor then it shouldn't cause any problems.
Just an update this query.
I had another 10 boards delivered from the same supplier for the second half of the floor.
They fit together much easier than the previous boards. Not experiencing any of the original problems.

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