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15 Jul 2020
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Newton Abbot
Can anyone help please? I have a Charnwood W715 bandsaw and was looking to buy a stand. The only one I can find is the BS410 stand. Has anyone got one of these, and if so will it fit the W715 I have? The centre dimensions on my current bandsaw are 360mm and 275mm, obviously want them to line up with the holes in the stand. Any help appreciated, thank you.
Thanks. Yes, think you're probably right. I rang Charnwood but they seemed reluctant to actually go and measure up the holes for me:( I wanted to put wheels on it in the future if necessary. Universal stands seem quite reasonable as well so might have to go down this route.
DIY - scrap bits of timber to make a platform with legs, braced with ply or osb panels - cheap castors from Screwfix and you have the answer. I've built mobile "stands" for my bandsaw, table saw and planer/thicknesser to be able to push them out of the way when not in use - plus a "lumber cart" on wheels too.