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5 Apr 2013
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I am looking for someone who might be able to help me with some wood turning as I don’t have, or know anyone with a lathe.

I have a lignum bowling ball which I wanted to turn into a mallet, I have cut it to size on a bandsaw and I wanted to get it turned so it was round and have a hole drilled through the centre so I can make a handle for it.

Would anyone be able to help out by turning it for me? I would send it to you and pay for the return postage, I can pay for the service or make a donation to a charity if preferred, also happy to gift the lignum offcuts if wanted.



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There are ways to proceed without a lathe.

Glue a small block of wood to each end and use to mount between some centres (make a U-shaped plywood box). Reference to the mitre slot in your bandsaw table and use the bandsaw to cut it round.

Is there any reason you cannot form the hole using a brace and bit? Make a drill guide and glue it to one of the square sides before you turn it into a cylinder.
I'm curious why you've cut the sides square. I always imagined just turning it for a mallet. I got half a dozen inc a little jack.

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