Cat and the PT

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When i was a young apprentice an old boy that ran the joinery shop told me about an incident that happened when he was just starting work (possibly urban myth but he told it well) . One day out of the blue a stray cat appeared at the workshop looking a bit thin and very nervous after a few days they managed to get close to the cat ,after lots of hissing and scratching they cleaned it up and feed it .Any way the cat became a regular at the workshop gettin fed watered and slept in a pile of shavings. Although the cat had settled down quite well it was still very jumpy especially near machinery .In the summer they used to keep some big double doors open that were near the very large planer and thicknesser ,dave the young apprentice was taking timber out of the thicknesser as his boss was feeding it in . Well the boss got another piece to feed in and dropped it right by the cat ,the cat took off like a rocket straight into the thicknesser . Imagine the scene your waiting for wood to come through the thicknesser and your thinking def am i getting covered in . He said it took him about 2 mins to put 2 and 2 together to realise that bits of black fur and blood were not shavings . He nearly cried when he told me about it, i guess its why he used to be tough on me about shop safety after seeing what it did to a cat.