Can anyone ID this tablesaw? Maybe an early DEFT?

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3 Jan 2014
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I've been looking for a cabinet saw similar to the 10", 3hp Harvey/Deft/Xcalibur machines that you used to be able to buy - Axminster is going to be selling their own branded Harvey by the end of the year, but I'm not confident I'm going to like the prices very much.

In any case, I did come across an eBay auction for an "Axminster Table Saw 240v"

Looking at it, it looks very similar to a right-tilt version of the first Harvey/Deft machines that were imported about 10-15 years ago. I don't actually know of Axminster ever selling a saw like this, but they have imported various types of machines over the years that they don't have any references to anymore.

In any case, does anyone know what the make/model of this saw might be?





I'll have the machine in my shop in a few days, so I might have more info on it at that point.

Looking forward to getting it home so I can start taking it apart - not to mention wiring in a new starter!

It's just an unbadged clone of the standard Delta tablesaw, been around for years, well-proven design and build.
Modern designs will be left-tilt, but that is all. For a workhorse in the workshop you should be well-pleased.
If it is Axi (and from the colour it could well be) I bet it is older than 10-15 years, because I'm pretty sure it would have a proper Axi badge on it.
Nice find!
PS I have an Xcalibur and love it.
Thanks for the reply - I'm counting on it being one of the generic Unisaw clones, and as long as that's the case then I'll be very happy with it, even if I have to do more to it then just replace the magnetic starter.

I was looking at the Xcalibur saws earlier in the year, but when I went to buy them I found out they couldn't sell them any more!
Here’s a DEFT - I don’t think they were around long enough to have an early version: