calling on starret square owners. assembly problems.

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9 Sep 2017
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so my small 150mm combo square arrived and im having hell trying to reassemble the rule back into the head. I understand that t shaped nut needs to slot in to the groove on the rule. but even with the nut pushed up to full height it doesn't meet the groove in the rule making it impossible to slide the ruler in.

has any one got any tips or hints to save me pulling my hair out.

Much appreciated
wear a shower cap


more seriously, they are fiddly, but sure you have the matching rule?
the rule was in the head when I opened. then I took it out and subsequently know can't put it back in. feel like maybe there is a trick I am missing here
It's not just that you need to slacken off the nut, is it? That gives a bit of wiggle room.
slacken the nut yes. In some models there is a spring that you need to compress by pushing on the spindle in order to get it far enough in.
Thank you both! that sorted it! I didnt even recognise it as a nut originally and thought it was just one solid piece with no spring/moveable parts
Glad you got it. Slacken off to slide, tighten up to lock to a setting.