Close call and a lucky escape....

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Jeez, scary stuff!
Very useful advice, thank you Imageel for the original post and for the excellent response from Julie, davethebb and others. I shall certainly think more about fire risks when I finally get round to finishing my workshop.

One question. What are the main sources of fine dust. Obviously sanding, but not - according to Julie - a planer. Any hidden or less obvious dust producers?
We are thinking wood but flour mills can be just as dangerous and is why we have ATEX regulations and ATEX compliant electrical installations to ensure that the electrical system cannot be a source of ignition.
The risk is from "comdust"- short for combustable dust.

Here in Canada, we have had several sawmills "explode" with unfortunate loss of life.

To my understanding, the cause of this was a small explosive event which sends a shock-wave throughout the facility. That dislodges all the fine dust that has settled out on rafters and other "uncleaned" areas and knocks it into the air, whee it ignites with ferocity, and contributes to a more massive explosion.This has been said before, , and it's worth re-iterating

Eric in the colonies
I have always had a fire extinguisher and one of those fire blankets on the wall just in case, we'll worth having for peace of mind....or when you set your workshop on fire!