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I won't be having joists though because of height restrictions, so it was going to be concrete floor + vinyl flooring. Now I think I will do concrete floor, DPM, egger protect 22m chipboard so I want the levelling compound so it's nice and flat for the chipboard
Why not put an inch of polystyrene in there it won't take away much headroom but it will warm up the space no end. Nothing worse than cold feet.
Well after all the discussion about lack of projects/WIPs, I thought I had best start updating this thread again.
Note these photos start from back in June (I told my wife I would be finished by the end of the summer, then it was end of September, then end of October, then Christmas.. I am guessing right now it is end of January :ROFLMAO: )
I am in no way experienced (as some of the following updates will show!) at building things, I've never done anything like this before and for sure, plenty of mistakes along the way - this is hopefully to encourage others that you can do it too :) There is nothing particularly novel or exciting in the build overall but I'll point out a few things along the way
Photo 2022-06-10, 11 42 04.jpg

Well here we are in June with the garden landscaped and the timber stacked at the bottom of the garden. I decided to do my frame in 3x2 for a number of reasons

  1. I'd be working alone for the most part and moving 3x2 walls would be easier than 4x2
  2. The bricks are 100mm wide and I couldn't really afford a massive overhang from the cladding which would result with 4 x 2
  3. I'd read online that plenty of people thought 3x2 was strong enough for a workshop compared to 4x2 so I went for it!

Photo 2022-06-17, 16 29 32.jpg

The brick walls weren't entirely square so I used the old 3/4/5 to get my bottom plate as square as I could. I used some strapping to tie the plate into the floor.

Photo 2022-06-18, 10 11 32.jpg

I had some help with the marking out for some of the walls

Photo 2022-06-17, 16 29 07.jpg

I think I managed to get that wall up by myself.

This part went OK except my mitre saw does not cut fully square. I think it is off by 0.5-1 degree and I've not managed to fix that yet
Photo 2022-08-07, 17 15 21.jpg

Two months later (early August) from that first wall, I finally had all 4 walls up and the roof joists on (6x2s). I had some unplanned work trips which interrupted my progress, and of course lots of outside time with the family when the sun is shining. The summer is both the best and worst time to do this!

Well holidays and more work trips later, in October the roof finally got put on

Photo 2022-10-10, 18 16 55.jpg

And yes, my boys didn't have much interest in the build until they saw an opportunity to climb on a ladder and be on the roof!
Photo 2022-10-15, 12 11 26.jpg

Well here is the frame and roof (EPDM rubber) completed in October. I don't have anywhere else to store the timber and other bits and pieces whilst I do the project, so it's stored inside the shed and as you can see, it looks (and is) a state.

Anyway, it was time to get on with the cladding. We decided we really liked vertical cladding and we settled on board-on-board. I liked this because it meant I would only need 1 lot of battening which would make the overhang smaller.

Photo 2022-11-22, 16 32 00.jpg

Thanks to a tip I picked up from Ali Dymock's channel, I spaced off the battening with 6mm ply so I do have a small gap with the cladding as well as all the holes board-on-board creates.

Photo 2022-11-22, 16 31 46.jpg

And here it is with the first layer of cladding in late November and door frame in. This wasn't too bad to put up - just a long and tiring process. The cladding is Siberian Larch from Silva Timber and will be oiled. Note that I didn't (and still haven't) done the cuts for the cladding around the door / window.

Photo 2022-11-22, 16 32 20.jpg

This was the state of the inside of the shed! As you can imagine, I have bumped on a fair few things trying to move around in there :D You can't see it from this photo but there's a ton of cladding, battens, soffit boards and other bits and pieces in there!
And to the present day, where this week I have done the soffits (style borrowed from @Molynoox build, just none of his skill!)

Photo 2023-01-06, 17 29 06.jpg

I am fairly happy with how the first layer of the cladding has gone but I have also realised the disadvantage of B-o-B - you basically clad the thing twice!
The next step is to cut the top layer of cladding to length and put that on - aiming to do that this week but the forecast is rain all week
Great. I find that exterior lighting is a nice addition to these buildings... functional but also makes them look cool at night.
Yes I plan to do some lighting but also include the rest of the garden, have it all smart controlled etc but I should definitely remember to run some cables for downlighters in the soffits
Any status updates James? Is it a never ending build like mine? Those are the best ones, everybody knows it.


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