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23 Mar 2006
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Greater Manchester
I meant to post this a while ago but totally forgot, a recent review Matt Estlea posted reminded me.

The main reason I'm posting this is to highlight a couple of pretty large issues I encountered with mine and felt anyone who is thinking of buying one should be aware of. I'm not bad mouthing Bosch stuff, I've got the Glide mitre saw and a few other bits, they are great.

Anyway, I had a Makita 2301 which died and needed a replacement. I decided to get the GCM1600, which is the 'full' set - 2 bases etc as I planned to fit the fixed base to a table. The main reason I went for the Bosch was I liked the idea of the plunge release being the opposite way to the 'norm'.
However, this was one of the issues with mine. Even with the lever fully released the plunge action ranged from reasonable, a little stiff or just wouldn't move at all. Going from a 2301 which has a super smooth plunge just highlighted the problem even more.
The second issue, quite a noticeable amount of play even with the plunge fully locked. I think Festools are the only ones that lock on both pillars but the 2301 and the Dewalts at work have very little to no play.

I called D&M tools (fantastic shop)for some advice and was told there display model suffered from the same issues. Ended up returning it which I was a bit gutted about as theres a lot of good things about the set. Back to owning a new 2301..its like have an old friend back (hammer).

I don't want to deter anyone from buying the Bosch, not everyone has the issues I did. Matt Estlea and numerous other reviewers don't mention any problems. I'd just advise anyone to try the item in store if possible.
I bought the GMF 1600 which has both bases. It’s amazing, but one gripe; it’s a curse to get the tool out of the fixed base. I had to spray camelia oil on the shaft to get it out. I have no play on either base though. The micro adjustment is brill, and the constant motor is so smooth. It makes my katsu seem like a joke! Sorry you are having trouble with yours.

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