Bosch 1617EVS in a router table, in Europe, of course

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16 Jan 2023
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Hi there,

It's been in one corner of my mind for a while, I though of asking you here about opinions. I saw a thread with related info but I would appreciate something more specific to my situation.
I am designing a complex mft table with table saw, router and an Incra system. I do have a Freud FT2000VCE with router raizer bought from this forum, but I also consider buying an Incra MagnaLock. It is too complicate to order it from the States because in Europe I simply could not find one with the holes it needs and I will not buy an undrilled one, I'm not equipped for that perfect fit, countersinking, etc. So I'm assessing my options.
My current budget excludes the lift/elevator option, simply because I want a good, reliable router and it must take 1/2" bits.

I've had my eyes on the Bosch 1617 and the earlier models for quite some time. I do get the main differences but not how frequency influences output power. I do have a 220V to 110V transformer brought from Canada along my Mastercraft Maximum compound miter saw (one of the older versions, a piece of art. Or I just got very very lucky...). Which worked flawlessly so far but I only got it a few months ago.
Plus, the Bosch is simply unbeatable at circa $185 which would cover the machine, VAT, customs and delivery to my location.

So the question is not whether I should buy it, rather why shouldn't I?

My other options (the ones that I know of) are Triton TRA001 (which is the equivalent of almost 400 GBP here with local warranty) or Trend T11 bought from amazon or similar to hopefully get some degree of international warranty. So mainly just the Triton, I guess. 😂

Therefore, if I probably won't have the opportunity tobenefit from warranty, why not the Bosch?

My budget for all this would be about 500 EUR.

Did you manage to find the answers to your questions regarding the Bosch?