best pound for pound all round router?

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Festool if you've got deep pockets, the OF2200 if you envisage doing lots of regular heavy work or the less costly OF1400 for regular use. For a more cost friendly option you couldnt go wrong with a big makita, Ive had two which have been worked very hard and never missed a beat over the years. I only replaced the first one when it was stolen.
Some years ago I decided on an Hitachi M12V, why?

I was cutting a lot of raised panels, so a little base deflection meant hours of sanding/scraping to make the divits disappear. so I put a panel-raising bit in it and measured the defelection on the outside...., and the M12V was the best I could find back then.

Not sure it it applies today, but the same test could be easily done!

I fI recall correctly, bought and returned 4 other 1/2" routers before that decision.
Best value all round 1/2" router - Hikoki M12VE - £160-180

Next up - Triton TRA001

Then Makita 2301 (2303 now)

Dewalt/Trend have stopped the DW625/T10/T11 which were excellent. The new DWE625/T12/T14 look nice but not impressed with the depth stop so wouldn't recommend, especially not for the money they want.

Trend T7 looks decent for a cheap router and interested in the new T8 but no experience of it.

Hikoki M12V2 is really good and getting cheaper so may be end of line now (about £250).

OF2200 nice but overkill.

Bosch seem to have stopped all 1/2" routers.

For 1/4" routers, Trend T5 if you want a more traditional 1/4" unit or Makita RP0900 (no variable speed).

For convertible base then Makita RT0700 or Dewalt D26204 with plunge and fixed bases.

OF1010 nice but overkill.

I would suggest you start with the Hikoki M12VE and get used to it. Then you will know whether there are things that the other machines have that you would prefer, at which point stick the M12VE in a table and get the one that you prefer for freehand use.

For 1/4" I like the Makita RP0900 because it is simple so straight forward to set up and use. The convertible Makita and Dewalt are really nice but I end up using more brainpower to work out which base is best for the task and then converting and setting up.
Thanks for the help all

Ended up going for the DRT50 with the additional plunge base, seemed good value at 180 - just want to try and do something about the extraction, it seemed like the only downside.

It can do everything I want to do right now, some things maybe not as quick as with a 1/2" but can deal with that down the line.

I have seen a few people table mounting them and have an idea about picking up another fixed base for a sort of quick release table mounting, but that a search for later.

Now I'm on the lookout to a big set of cheep bits and see what I wear out first
I bought a Trend T7 early on during lock down, and really regretted it. The guide bush mounting isn't compatible with any Trend GBs, and is attached with the same screws as the dust collector, which is a real fiddle. It's also difficult to change bits with the dust collection attached. Brushes have gone on it, and Trend don't have them in stock, other spares suppliers show them as discontinued.

I have a project which needs a 1/2 in router, so if I can't get new brushes, it'll be a new Router. I am tempted by the Smaller Festool, mainly for the dust collection, I won't be buying Trend on principle
I bought the T7 a while ago. As I am just now getting into using it more I am finding the same problems as above post and regretting it. I wanted to use a 40 mm guide bush. They don't do one that directly fits the T7. It is suggested to use the Trend Unibase but it is not listed in the compatible routers. I also found a post confirming it doesn't fit.
How utterly bizarre is that?
Any ideas anyone?

I have the unibase, had it for years, I had thought - but I didn’t check that the T7 would be compatible with the trend GB system.

The Unibase can be made to fit, it uses the holes which attach the dust collector, which is a complete pain. There is a semi captive nut system in the plastic of the dust collector. It is very easy to drop the nut and it then lands in the motor Housing.

But tbh if I were you I wouldn’t bother I’d save the money on the unibase and buy a better router


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