Best blades for cutting square corners in 1/8 plywood

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18 Sep 2019
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I have just been given a scroll saw and enjoy cutting patterns out but I would like to know what's the best blade for cutting squares out
Thanks H
Cutting squares out accurately depends more on practice than it does on a particular blade

If you are not sure what sorts of blades are suitable for various jobs, I would watch the following two videos by Steve Good

The attached blade selection guide may also help

You don't say what scroll saw you have aquired, does it take pinned and pinless blades?

Personally I would often use the Pegas 3 reverse skip tooth or even a 5


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Hegners are reputed to be one of the best saws around

I had one but vibration was terrible but I suspect it was a well worn rogue, rather than the norm

With that being said I would say its just a matter of practice for your square corners

I said earlier I would usually use a 3 or 5 but didn't qualify it by saying thats what I use for most things, so wouldn't change for one item but a 0, 1 or 2 would be what is generally recommended

Does yours have a quick clamp for the top ? it makes blade changes much quicker
Yes it does have the quick change on it .i must admit I have no clue about blades that's why I am asking .also where is the best place to buy them ?
They do an assorted pack which may be a good idea for a start as you can try out different blade sizes

Pegas 36 Wood Blade Selection Pack

Usually pinned blades come in sixes, pinless in 12's so you can see its much cheaper as well as more versatile to use pinless