Been stupid again - Robert Sorby Pro Edge linisher/sharpener

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AJB Temple

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13 Oct 2015
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Tunbridge Wells
Despite saying I have retired from lending people tools, I was persuaded by a friend to lend him my Robert Sorby linisher. I thought it would be quite hard to damage and he needed to grind quite a few chisels.

It came back recently and I tried to use it today as I had five plane blades to regrind and sharpen. Disaster.

Somehow the table is out of true in two directions. It is no parallel to the belt and is not at 90 degree to the belt either. Hence it grinds a plane iron (or anything) at an angle, both on a slant and out of square, which is worse that useless.

Everything is tight. Is there some trick to trueing the table up to the belt? Any tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks, AJ
I was using mine today for the first time in a while.

Is the tool rest bent, which in itself would take some doing? I can't see how else it could be out- it has 2 location points, so that would preclude anything throwing it out and there isn't much (if anything) that somebody could tinker with.
As Pete says, sounds like it's been dropped.
You can adjust the alignment on the wheels so the belt tracks true. There's better advice than I can offer and where I got the info to sort the minor issues my second hand one came with.
Someone made an extension to the guide bed in another thread that you should be able to find easily. Metal work but simple and doable. Might be a solution to your issue with a bit of thinking.
I'd be on the blower to your mate personally after checking the body for knocks. Then I'd be checking his body for knocks.....
It doesn't seem to be bent. It is fixed in place by the two bars which also hold the (annoying) side plate. These are tight. The table itself slackens off when the angle adjuster is changed and held in location by two hex bolts that screw through the top. I can true to up parallel to the belt by shimming the left of the blade. But I can't get it square without removing one of the hex screws.

The belt is running true and adjust readily.

Very annoying. I use this a lot as I go through blades and chisels like they are going out of fashion at the moment. Mate denies all knowledge of any mishandling. Not worth falling out over.

You would think there would be some adjustment to square the table, but it has defeated me (non-engineer) so far.

I've ended up using the finisher freehand. Not ideal. I may end up regrinding the table.
I would take too at the platter behind the belt first. Take the tool rest off and then use a straight edge to check its alignment with the wheels.

I will take a look at mine tomorrow and try and understand what might be the problem

The platten behind the belt is a replaceable wear part. Last time I was in a stockist I noticed them hanging on the display for a fiver plus change. I bought one for the spares box. They are just 2" black steel angle with a couple of holes but they are ground on the outside faces so no point in making your own or sweating over a regrind.