Bandsaw tyre and other maintenance query

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Mark Karacsonyi

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4 Apr 2013
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Hi all,

Seems the top tyre on my SBW3501BC (Axminster) band saw decided to say goodbye. Typically on a Sunday too. Although I will seek a replacement, found the .pdf manual via a Google search, would anyone have any advice. Should I only replace only the one tyre, or do both. Maybe the drive belt too. I will contact Axminster tomorrow, or is there another supplier anyone would recommend?
think there are better made tyres out there.......
someone will know.....polyurethane, made in USA.....??
I found one U.K. company. Bandsaw parts, sadly they only ship within the UK. I may give them a call and arrange Royal Mail to do a pickup, tracked if the package falls within the RM requirements.
Amazon in UK do some, maybe over your way too, here's a UK example
FACULX Band Saw Tires 8-14 Inch No Adhesive Needed for Craftsman Band Saws Scroll Wheel
to me it would make sense to replace both tyres.
Not strong enough to do it by hand, I sought help on youtube and wound up warming the tyres in hot water,
using the vice and a block of wood to 'ease' the tyre onto the rim. Can't find the video I used,
but a search should get there eventually.
I'm told that polyurethene tyres are easier to fit than rubber.. YMMV

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