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You will always be limited on available power using a VFD, if you want three phase and large motors then just buy a digital phase convertor and you can run motors greater than 4 Hp.

If you have a three phase supply at 400 volts and for whatever reason are runing a VFD to get speed control then wire the motor to Delta which is for 230 volt operation and set the VFD for 400 volt 87 Hz output and you get constant torque plus 1.7 times more power.

For anyone wondering why this works it is because a VFD has a volts per Hz output and not just variable frequency so 400 volts at 87 Hz gives 4.6 volts per Hz which is the same as 230 volts at 50 Hz.
@Spectric makes sense for someone who owns their workshop, having a plumbed in cyclone would be just the ticket.
but for myself, getting an upgraded CU in the shed, plus the cost of the digital
phase converters, would be over my budget.
The bandsaw isn't too dusty compared to the tablesaw, so somewhat reasonable to
make do without extraction for my hand tool focused work for the time being i.e I would have to let the dust settle if doing a lot of work with the machine.
I presume this timber will be somewhat green, so likely not as bad as resawing longer drier timbers.

Not noted any bogging down on either 3 horse machine due to my cheapo VFD's, for these machines 3hp is ample for me. so makes sense for my case as I need to be flexible regarding my supply being a tenant, and the soft start is actually preferable on the bandsaw, especially for use without extraction
cough splutter, but in all honesty I use my machine as often for little cuts which you might not deem worth the hassle of switching on the DC for.

Still think the OP needs to add a few hundred for the vfd solution to make sense,
from looking @buy it now prices that is...
say if that old Startrite is going for 300, might be hard deal to beat wihout bidding.

Perhaps some near centaury old machines might be going for scrap, but most of these are wired for 380/400v, if even having a suitable motor to begin with, and getting a VFD for that voltage is at least 50% more expensive,
Seemingly no folks taking the chance with these here, but just been informed some have being sucessfully using "EcoGoo" VFD's on other "metalwork forums." for some time.
I'd stick to modern machines with modern bearings myself.
Wow, lots more replies since I last checked this. Thanks again all, for the sound advice, offers and website tip-offs. I'm learning. Firstly; I need to stretch to the 500 mark rather than 300. Unless I can get lucky. Also be more open-minded re. 3ph.

For anyone interested - the Startrite I was watching went for £412 in the end. The Elektra Beckum has been relisted for the nth time at £265, with no bids. Kicking myself a bit for not pursuing the Startrite more seriously. I was stuck in a work meeting when the auction ended so missed out.

I've lots to mull over.
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Regarding the Electra Beckum BAS315 - Ttrees is no doubt speaking from experience and we all use machines differently. In my own case I have found it to be a decent machine.
Anyone can break bits if they overtighten things or are ham-fisted.
Fit a good quality blade, use it sensibly and it should last another 20 years as mine has done.

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