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18 Aug 2023
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Donegal, Ireland
hi guys, just bought a used axminster ultimate edge, looking for oppinons ? anyone on here got one ? seems to have some upgrades over the sorby.

will be used for everything from bench chisels and planes to turning tools eventually currently im using carbide but id like the option of traditional tools.

Anyway if anyone has any pointers or reccomendations on belt or accessories let me know
Anyone got any opinions on this machine? I've done a quick search and there is minimal really that I can find. Appreciate any help or advice
I've got one and I find it good but not hugely accurate on plane irons. I do think it's great quality overall and the buffing wheels are good as well. The ceramic belts offer best performance/ cost imho. Trizact arent so impressive. Ok for knives but they can burn easily. There is a steel plate that supposed to help accuracy over the graphite but not tried it.
I’ve got one. I never fitted the graphite pad that came with it as from experience with another machine it deforms in use causing rounded bevels. It’s a great machine for turning tools. Ideally though you do need some decent jigs to get the best from it. I don’t do flat work but the Axminster chisel jig looks pretty good. Most of the Tormek jigs (and others like Triton and Record Power) fit the machine. I use mostly Ceramic belts and get them from Abtec.

Belt direction and speed can make a big difference so don’t be afraid to experiment. This is the big advantage to my mind over the Pro Edge.

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