Axminster Tools High Wycombe Video Tour + Opinions.

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4 Jul 2023
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Hi all.

I'm trying to start a jazz guitar manufacturing business in the UK.

During one of my many tools buying expeditions I started filming them. On this occasion I popped into Axminster in High Wycombe.

In the video I try to show some od their tools and machines and give my (likely biased) opinion on their products.


MOD EDIT: Video deleted. Problematic as discussed below.
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Interesting. BTW, you did get permision from Axminster first! Your on private property so need authorisation, and permission to then publish it, especially as there is some criticism and unverified comparison comments!
Plus you will need permission from anyone in the film who is identifiable and not part of simple reportage / background crowd which probably will mean everyone in the shop!
you might be feeling that responses have been a bit harsh when you were feeling that you were sharing your passion etc. - however there is an important point here in terms of what you can / can't do etc. - the norm for a youtuber would be to either buy / be lent the tools and then review them - a cheaper and easier way would be to do the review from home, and when comparing two items - simply show their image on the screen - no cost / no hassle / etc.

The concept of the jazz guitar manufacturing business, and having comparisons on tools etc. is in itself a good idea and sounds interesting, I am sure that many on here would love to know more about the detail, especially how it differs from non-jazz guitars - do you choose different woods / build differently etc. (my jazz trumpet for example has a rose brass bell rather than a normal brass one to give a different tone)...

but there are certain things where you might get into trouble - you have to be very careful what you say / imply about a business and you can't film on private property without permission / you can't include others without their permission... so I would be tempted to say you should remove that video until you have those things in place...

all the best with the underlying project though
I would agree agree with @akirk and others, I'm certainly not comfortable with the post. I'll leave it in place for a short time but I don't think it belongs here.
If the OP wants a bit of assistance/exposure I don't think this is the way to go.
Introduce yourself, show us around your workshop, help others etc would be a better approach.
If we discount the fact that this is his first post on the forum and just smacks of self promotion.
I watched a lot of it and it really is a rather strange video (to be fair, there is no-one else shown in the video).

At the start of the video, he complains that Axminster tools are too expensive, and by the end of the video is saying that he wishes Axminster would spend that little bit of extra money to make their tools better and charge him more... which is it? (In his other videos, OP has a workshop full of Felder / SCM gear so it seems strange to complain about the cost of anything Axminster sell :))

Refers to Sjoberg joinery workbenches as wooden tables / carpenters benches

Walks over to power tools and says 'here's the hand tool section'

Then points at the domino and says he has both versions but just sold one - which he regrets because he can't now build some cabinets - perhaps use the other one then?
Then looks at Mafell tools and says he wishes he had the Mafell Duo Doweller but says should be ok as he does have a Lamello Domino machine...

Doesn't know how to pronounce router either

I don't have a problem with any of the above but you do look just a little bit silly when trying to walk round a tool shop giving your opinion when you appear to be far from someone qualified to give it
I’ve always been a staunch defender of the right to not need to substantiate your choice of tools but that video takes the biscuit.

It’s the equivalent of me doing a critique of the ladies underwear range in M & S (other than I’d probably get arrested part way through filming it) 🤣🤣🤣
I'm wholeheartedly in agreement with Noel and others.
This video is all self promotion and personally I'd be embarrassed to post something like that especially in front of the knowledgeable members of this forum.
Thank you @akirk for clearly spelling out the legal issues with it.
It doesn't belong here and I will take it down at midnight tonight if the OP doesn't do so himself or Noel beats me to it...
This is actually the sort of stuff potential criminals will perform in that whilst taking what appears to be an innocent video they are in reality finding where the security system and camera's are located so thatthey know any blind spots.

By the way I thought guitars were either just a few strings for bass or many strings for the rest so what is a Jazz guitar ?
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