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Sold Axminster AC370WL variable speed lathe, plus chuck and tools, complete package


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19 May 2018
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I am selling my Axminster AC370WL variable speed lathe, plus chuck, a full set of turning tools and a couple of other “must have” tools as a complete starter package. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this lathe, but have upgraded to a Stubby 750. The entire package is just under 3 years old.

I like to keep my tools clean and well maintained and I don’t think you will find a package like this in better condition. Apart from a couple of small splashes of dried finish on the paint, it’s in better condition than when bought new from Axminster.

I used the machine quite a lot in the first year, it worked brilliantly from everything from very large bowls and spindles to pens. Well it works great for pens once you realise that you need the alignment tool to be able to carry out drilling with high precision! Then Covid hit us and I was absolutely swamped at work, so it only got used a couple of times a month. A month or so ago, I was turning a medium sized bowl and the motor started to bog down. Long story short, Axminster were brilliant and it came back from them comprehensively fixed. It has had a complete new motor, a new speed shift handle assembly and a new rack. I’ve run it up and it runs perfectly and for some reason the speed change is much smoother and easier to use than it ever was when new.

The package includes the following. I’ll include the price and links to the Axminster product pages. Everything is still the “current generation” products.

https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-craft-ac370wl-variable-speed-woodturning-lathe-105116AXMINSTER WOODTURNING CLUBMAN SK100 CHUCK PACKAGE £219.98
https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-clubman-sk100-woodturning-chuck-package-1-x-8-tpi-106868AXMINSTER WOODTURNING TOOL SET £99.98
https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-craft-woodturning-tool-set-106153AXMINSTER WOODTURNING LONG KEY FOR CLUBMAN CHUCKS £21.98
https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-long-key-for-axminster-clubman-chuck-340017AXMINSTER WOODTURNING LATHE ALIGNMENT CENTRE £19.58
The chuck package includes: Clubman SK100 Chuck, C dovetail jaws, Faceplate ring, Screw chuck and Soft grip chuck key.

Although the chuck package comes with a key, it’s very awkward to use when you mount a large blank, hence the optional long key, which makes that operation much easier and more secure.

The lathe headstock rotates and there are detents for different angles. This is very useful. However, it does mean that you cannot get the tailstock and headstock exactly aligned by just using the detents. Much frustration ensues when you try (for example) precise drilling work!! The answer is to use the optional alignment tool and that is why one is included in this package.

The woodturning tool set is good quality steel, it holds up very well in comparison to much more expensive tools. As supplied by Axminster when new, the set is blunt as old boots, which is a little disconcerting if you are an inexperienced wood turner! There are also no instructions supplied by Axminster as to the correct grinding angles. I will sharpen these before collection so that you know how they should cut and what they should look like. They will all be at the correct angles and properly sharp! If you want, I’ll also write down the correct angles for you to refer back to “just in case”. The two gouges have been ground to a fingernail style as that’s what I personally prefer. I’m happy to regrind them to a traditional style if that’s what you prefer.

This is collection only, either from my home near Ross-on-Wye, or I can move the lathe to my business, which is just outside Gloucester.

The total package bought new from Axminster is £994. I am asking £600, which is less than the lathe by itself.

Ask away with any questions and you are very welcome to view the lathe.

As long as it’s OK with the mods, I’ll see if anyone is interested here on the UK Workshop forum for a week or so. If not, then I’ll withdraw it from sale and put it on ebay.