Axminster AWFS18 advice re blades

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12 Feb 2005
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Hi I asked this in the scroll saw section but didn't get picked up so thought more chance here (mods please delete if not allowed) -

Are there are any AWFS18 owners in travelling distance of Northants are there who could show me what I'm doing wrong in changing the blades on the AWFS18 scroll saw ? I bought one off Facebook yesterday I've followed the manual and placed the clamping blocks in the two spaces provided but it almost seems as though they are too close together as when I use them as a guide to clamp a blade in, by the time I go to fit them in the saw, they aren't far enough (the clamp guides they sit in) apart meaning it won't fit in and reach when I try and put it in. the saw. It means trying to fiddle and adjust the blade whilst attached to the saw and it is invariably jumping out as soon as I start the saw. A frustrating afternoon and evening today - which I l know is down to use error but I just can't get the blade to fit in and stay.