Axminster AC153E / AW153E Dust Exractor, a couple of questions

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13 Aug 2022
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I believe that these are the same machine and that Axminster decided to rename the 'Craft' range to 'Workshop', other than that they're identical?

If anyone here has either of the above, I'd very much appreciate it if you could check the dimensions please. Even better if you also have a cartridge filter fitted too?

The machine footprint diagram states a max length of 960 mm, but a couple of people in the Questions section on the Axminster site, have said that the length is 900 mm. Which is correct please? If I can save 60 mm it would make all the difference :)

If anyone has their dust extractor fitted with a cartridge filter, could you tell me the maximum height please?

There seems to be some confusion with the Airflow capacity too, the pdf file linked on the AW153E page states :-
2,000 m³/hr @ 100 mm
2,500 m³/hr @ 125 mm

The actual Web page specification for thd AW153E shows different figures :-
1,165 m³/hr @ 100 mm (33-40 m/s)
1,730 m³/hr @ 125 mm (27-38 m/s)

Does anyone know which is correct?

Thanks very much.

I have this machine with the optional cartridge, picked it up on Black Friday and have been very pleased with it. It has plenty of suck as far as i can tell. Using it with a Laguna 14BX bandsaw and a router in an Incra Cleansweep box. Great results.

Have just popped into the workshop to check the measurements:

The length of the red metal base is 893mm.

The fan housing where the hoses attach sticks out about 30mm beyond the base so it's about 923mm.

Total length when you add the cartridge is about 960mm but you need an extra 60-70 to rotate the crank handle. So total width if you're adding in space for the handle is about 1020mm.

Hope that helps.

Regarding the suction, when i bought it last year the webpage was showing 2,500 m³/hr @ 125 mm. This high suction for a relatively cheap extractor on a 3 pin plug is why i bought it.

But now the webpage shows 1,720m³/hr @125mm with the caveat "measured in our workshop".

Presumably that means the values before where stated by the manufacturer and not achieved by Axminster themselves.

This is a bit annoying as I wanted to use this with a future purchase of a planer/thicknesser that needs 1,500 m³/hr which the specs now say it doesn't achieve at 100mm.
I have this extractor with the cartridge filter and use it with a Metabo HC260. Extraction is good enough with only minimal chips making it onto the floor, although the inlet clogs fairly easily and you can tell because the Metabo is quickly covered in chips! I didn't think this one actually came with the grill over the inlet just above the fan, it was a common complaint with the next model down. Lots of reviews said they removed the grill on that model so I may do the same on this one; I only use it connected to machines so it should be safe enough to do.
Thanks to you both, that's very helpful! (y)

I've been back and forward between this extractor and also the AW82E and it was the larger size of the AC153E /AW153E that was proving to be an issue with my smallish shed. That was the machine that I initially had my heart set on.

Today, after hacking off a couple of 'bits' of my lathe bench, I reckon I have just enough room for the larger extractor.

Thanks again for confirming the dimensions scubadoo, that's just what I needed.
Glad to help!
Somebody was kind enough to do the same when I was deciding. I was originally looking at a bigger machine which definitely would not have fit!
surely the m3 flow rate will vary, through waste collection bag being filled and filter bag becoming clogged! The lab test, cfm m3, I dare say would be free air, no bags.
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