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26 Feb 2003
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Herefordshire, UK.
I went to H.J. Pugh's last auction (there are normally two a year). There were over 300 lots of timber. Some was of little use, some of poor quality, but some was very good. As an example there were two lots of very good sawn oak - one was five boards 96"x16"x1.5", the other was five boards 96"x15"x1.5". Can't help with its MC but each lot went for £80 - something like £13 per cu.ft.

For what it's worth, although it was my first visit, this auction appears to be, with a little care, an excellent source of timber at good prices, although previewing the lots (looking at the bottom board in the pile!) is essential. And, of course, purchases have to be removed on the day of sale.

Catalogues are published on their website a few days before each auction.