Arado 196

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30 Apr 2021
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New Zealand
Here the Arado 196, an aeroplane I'd never heard of before but a little research showed it to be a very successful float plane carried on German battleships throughout WW11, and an aircraft that was beloved by the pilots that flew it due to its benign handling characteristics.
On the other hand it's as ugly as sin and I never would have modelled the thing without a commission which is one of the joys of making aeroplanes to order - I never know what's coming next and some of my customers have very eclectic tastes.
And a couple of firsts. My first sea plane and the first one finished with an airbrush using polyurethane instead of brushed on Teak Oil which has been the cause of a few headaches of late. The spraying went OK but hope for better when I get more accustomed to the tool and all its (annoying) little idiosyncrasies.
The man who ordered the Arado has a very teutonic surname and only ever orders WW11 era German aircraft, and the more obscure the better. Next for him is a Heinkel HE.115. Like the Arado, never heard of it.



Just emailed the client the photos for his acceptance or not.
He came back with a polite 'ahem..... aerial, on the canopy?'
I'd totally forgotten. Old age is a bast..d.